Rich Proulx

Was Whoopi wrong about the “Jewish race”?

National origin discrimination preserves the infamy of the Holocaust Racism is often, but not always, based on race. When enforcing the nation’s anti-discrimination laws, I investigated racist acts based on race, color, and national origin. The limitations—and potential pitfalls—of relying solely on the term race to understand and explain racist behavior was apparent in the …

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Themeless #2

.PUZ PDF Solution Difficulty: 4/4 Good luck with this one! Spoilers below.  Puzzles with low word count and 90- and 180- rotational symmetry are rare in the NYT. I wanted to give it a try. There are some fun entries, especially crossing the center, but my standards for fill have gotten higher since then. (IRENEE …

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Themeless #1

.PUZ PDF Solution Difficulty: 3/4 This is the final version of my first themeless. Enjoy! (Spoilers follow.) I like how those two spanners, MACHINE LEARNING and PACHELBELSCANON anchor the puzzle, but evoke such different periods. MACHINE LEARNING is increasing at an exponential rate, driving us into a new era. The timeless PACHELBELS CANON, with its …

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