The Workers’ Guide
to Overcoming Discrimination

PROVE IT is a user-friendly manual that gives readers the information needed to fight back against job discrimination.

Rich Proulx distills his thirteen years of experience as a top federal investigator to provide workers with specific, step-by-step instructions for challenging discriminatory acts. He clearly explains the laws which protect employees with plentiful examples illustrating what evidence is necessary to build a compelling case. Readers will complete the book knowing how to win the battles they pick and get what they deserve.

Learn how to:

• Recognize and prove different types of discrimination
• Prove bias when denied hire, denied a promotion, or terminated
• Respond when experiencing harassment
• Select the most persuasive documents and supporting witnesses
• Avoid legal loopholes
• Convince an employer to resolve discrimination internally
• Succeed when filing a discrimination claim
• Choose from available remedies
• Settle a case for optimal results
• Decide when to get representation and find an affordable attorney